Melissa Baines


Growing up in Australia, I always loved learning, especially Science and Maths. Those subjects have always been fascinating to me, and throughout my schooling, I had inspirational teachers who continued to fan the flames. At the time, I had many friends that just didn’t ‘get’ Science and so from the age of about 14 years old, I have been helping others understand and be fascinated by Science.

I studied to become a Physics teacher, and whilst completing my degree, I worked at my University, helping to improve the Physics laboratory experience of first-year students. I did this through re-writing the lab manual for all the experiments. I believe the way to learn is to get involved, get hands-on, see the effects of Science, as Science is everywhere, all of the time!

After completing my degree, I taught in Australia for 18 months before moving to the UK in 2002. During my 18 years of high school teaching, I have taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to GCSE Level, and Chemistry and Physics to A level. I am passionate about Science education and always strive to make it engaging for all students so that they can be inspired by it too! I love working with individuals to focus on their strengths and identify where the areas of growth and development lie.

I have many interests apart from Science teaching. I am a keen runner, having completed the London Marathon twice for charity. I also have two children, so we love getting out and about; exploring our local woods or playing on the beach.