Liz Aboud-Love


Do you have questions about the ‘Why’? Science can often help us find the answers and if it doesn’t give us a complete answer, it may show us the path to the solution! I feel that the more we know, the more questions we have so this is one of the reasons that I love Science, and I am sure you will too! 

I am passionate about learning and the journey students make to achieve their goals. Science is a fascinating, thought-provoking subject that can be enjoyed in any environment. Unlocking the content in a way that it can be recalled is a passion of mine. I believe in a learning journey that suits individual needs, not just rote learning. 

I have been teaching Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) for over 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you progress. I started teaching for Newcastle Football Club as part of their Maths and Science outreach project. Since then, I have been a successful science teacher, Head of Department and an Assistant Headteacher in charge of teaching and learning. I understand what underpins successful learning and how to make it personal to each student I teach. I have had the best results for my department in secondary school, tutored online during the pandemic, am an examiner for GCSE Science, and am currently tutoring A-level Biology.  

Outside of teaching, I am a mum of two teenage children, two dogs and a cat! I am a caring and thoughtful person who puts everybody else first. If those around me are successful, so am I. I love being outdoors, on dog walks, exploring mountains, coasts, and woodland. And if the weather is not playing kind, I keep myself busy with DIY projects.

I look forward to sharing the learning journey with you.