Joanna Lashly


As a child I remember watching a wonderful series of 15 minute programmes on the television. They were all about Latin inscriptions and I wanted to be able to translate them. So the opportunity to learn Latin at school was thrilling.

As time progressed, I took up Greek too and found this an equally fascinating experience. I read Greats (Classics, Philosophy and Ancient History) at Oxford and began working in an office in London. It was not for me. I missed Classics, and the thought of it only being a hobby was too awful. So I trained as a teacher and have never looked back.

I now have the great good fortune to be able to practise my hobby at work. I have taught in various schools in Shropshire and enjoy the variety of Latin and Greek literature and cultural topics available in the syllabi, as well as the chance to introduce the Classics to a large number of pupils.

If you are thinking about studying Latin or Classical Studies then you will already have a love of words and a desire to find out why the Greeks and the Romans have made such an impact on modern culture. It is not just the traces of language which these ancient civilisations have left behind but the foundations of democracy and philosophy, literature and mathematics, theatre and history. You will be studying some of the most important literature in the world and reading it in the original adds to its impact.

I look forward to working with you.