Jane Marshall


Many of us remember that special teacher who was truly inspirational. Mine was an incredibly enthusiastic and slightly eccentric teacher of Physics. I remember his asking me at a young age if I had considered a career in teaching. The seed was sown.

I left school with A levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to study Applied Physics. After achieving First Class Honours I completed a PGCE course at Southampton University. I first taught at the Girls’ Grammar School in Bournemouth. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching incredibly able girls but after 12 months chose to transfer to another Secondary School that had an excellent reputation for being at the forefront of educational developments at the time.

My final school was an Independent Boarding School where a significant number of pupils required special needs teaching. It was here that I began to teach Mathematics as well as Physics. I soon developed an interest in teaching in a way that was accessible for children of all abilities and was trained in various teaching and learning styles. I practised these methods and was amazed at the results. My proportion of Mathematics teaching soon increased and eventually led me to become Head of Mathematics.

After 12 years I left school to raise my family but could not stay out of teaching for too long. The next 12 years saw me involved in Homeschooling, preparation for entrance exams and additional support for local pupils. I am enjoying being part of a team once more at Wolsey Hall Oxford. I adore teaching but adore even more the excitement from tutees who make more progress than they ever thought possible.

My free time sees me enjoying the great outdoors with my family. We love nothing better than roaming on the moors or doing our best to climb a mountain. Reading is a pleasure too and we have frequent debates in our house over the best ever author. J.R.R. Tolkien is winning at present!

Subjects: Maths
Jane Marshall - IGCSE