Geraldine Morrison


I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher with 12 years teaching experience. I have taught both in the UK and internationally. At present, I teach history and sociology in an all ability college in Northern Ireland, having previously spent time teaching in Saudi Arabia and India. I enjoy creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment whereby all students can reach their full potential. 

I have always had a passion for the social and historical world, recognising the importance of understanding our past and present to shape the future. With a love of critically analysing the social world, I completed a BSc Honours degree in Sociology, at Ulster University, before a completing a PGCE in Sociology with History at Queen’s University, Belfast. Having begun my teaching career in Belfast, I then embarked on a culturally enriching experience by teaching in Saudi Arabia and India. During my time spent in Asia, I taught a diverse range of students, developing my experience of teaching students with English as an additional language.  I got to travel to some amazing places and came home culturally richer, with a life time of memories and new experiences. 

In 2015, after four years teaching, I returned to full-time education to complete a Masters in Education at Queen’s University, Belfast. An extremely enriching professional journey, it allowed me to reflect on, and develop, my teaching practice by undertaking modules in areas such as Special Educational Needs and Developing Thinking Skills. 

Outside of teaching, I enjoy pursuing hobbies and spending time with family and friends. With a lifelong passion for music and drama, I am part of a musical society where I enjoy participating in concerts and an annual musical production. I also like to stay active by going on hill walks and spending time in nature. 

Subjects: History, Sociology