Caroline Thomson


I’ve always enjoyed learning languages, thanks to many holidays in France and Spain with my family. I began learning French and German when I started school, and I’ve never looked back. I can speak French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese for good measure. I always tell people that I have a lot to say…

I taught in a Specialist Language College for eight years, having introduced Italian to the school, a popular language with students. But I decided to leave the teaching profession, following the arrival of my daughter, and yes, she now speaks French!

I’ve chosen to work as a Tutor part time rather than teach in school. As a result I now have many students of all ages, and I enjoy the opportunity for the one to one contact this affords. I took my BA in French at the University of Hull, but I was lucky to be able to take extra modules in Spanish, Japanese, Italian and German. I must admit that once I started learning one language, the rest became much easier, including Japanese.

As part of my degree course, I spent the year working in France as an English Language Assistant in a French Lycée. I lived in Périgueux in the Dordogne, the home of truffles and foie gras, which I can highly recommend for a visit. I taught students of different ages from 16 to 24, mostly studying for the International Baccalaureate. This experience inspired me to become a teacher of Modern Languages.

I took my PGCE at the University of York and trained at schools in Scarborough and Richmond in North Yorkshire. Following this, I started working at Horbury School near Wakefield for eight years. During my time as a teacher, I ran trips abroad to France and Germany which was a  wonderful experience.

As a Mum I most enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. My daughter keeps me busy but very happy. I’m currently learning Chinese so that I can offer to teach it, in addition to the fact that I love languages. I also enjoy art, and sewing when it’s safe to do so (and I don’t have my daughter on my lap!). I like music, especially some of the French rock bands, great music for the car!

I am very happy to be a tutor for Wolsey Hall Oxford and it’s all because of those family holidays that I am here to share my passion for languages.

Subjects: French, Spanish