Anne Davis


I have always had a passion for Maths and the Physical Sciences. As a child, I pestered my parents for books about the moon, and my grandfather indulged my interests by getting me a telescope and a microscope. To this day, I have maintained a love of both Astronomy and Microscopy – both at opposite ends of the scale of the universe but equally enthralling.

I completed my degree in Chemistry in 1993 and began my PhD in Luminescent Solid-state Materials the following year. Whilst studying for my PhD, I began giving Chemistry and Mathematics tutorials at university and discovered a lifelong love of teaching.

Following the completion of my PhD, I continued to work in academic research in Physical and Materials Chemistry until I changed career to work in the automotive, chemical and oil industries for several years before returning to teaching. I have worked as Head of Mathematics in an international Sixth Form College, and I have also taught Chemistry and Physics.

For me, teaching is the most rewarding calling in the world. To pass on my love of the Sciences is a real joy. I believe in helping students to understand fully the concepts they need to learn; understanding how something works, or what causes something to happen, makes learning so much more interesting and is more readily remembered.

I am a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and am a Chartered Chemist. I have given numerous presentations on both Chemistry and quality and have published many papers on materials Chemistry. I also write book reviews for Intuition which is the magazine of the Society for Education and Training.

In my spare time, I coach cycling, kayaking and canoeing and play the classical guitar.

Subjects: Chemistry, Maths