Homeschooling while living abroad

Dylan’s story

Fourteen year old Dylan is homeschooling while living abroad and loves competing in sailing and enjoying various water sports. He has been homeschooling in Qatar with Wolsey Hall since September 2020 and here Dylan and his mum explain why it works for them.

“We chose Wolsey Hall because it is very flexible,” says Dylan. “We can do a lot of things outside of studying while not totally interfering with the schedule we’ve made. I can go diving and sailing without affecting my studies much.”

The skyline seen by those homeschooling in Qatar

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports many expatriate families who are homeschooling while living abroad.

Dylan is homeschooling while living abroad

How we discovered Wolsey Hall Oxford

“I had been reading about homeschooling since 2019, when Covid hit and when we had lockdowns in Qatar, our school switched to distance education so it became the kick I needed!” explains Michelle, Dylan’s mum. “I researched different providers, joined a UK Homeschooling Facebook Group and Homeschoolers of the Philippines. When I searched UK homeschool provider, Wolsey Hall was top of the Google search results. I read up about Wolsey Hall and had a discussion with my husband. Dylan and his sister were both studying in Nord Anglia International School prior to the pandemic, and when I read about Wolsey Hall I knew the curriculum would be the best fit for them. Transitioning from Nord Anglia to Wolsey Hall became so easy for them both.”

More opportunities

“Homeschooling while living abroad has gone quite well,” continues Dylan. “There were extra challenges at times like getting too many assignments crammed into one week or falling behind, and sometimes I haven’t made contact with my Tutors at all, but I’m working on being more confident in asking my Tutors.”

“I can do sailing outside of the weekends now, since in homeschooling I don’t have to take a ride from school back home, get ready, then take another ride to sailing, instead I can just immediately get ready for sailing and even go there during a school day, of course after I’ve finished my studies! When restrictions began to lift in Qatar in August 2020, I was able to finished my Stage 4 RYA Certification in Sailing and in December 2020 I joined my first ever Winter Junior Regatta in our local club. I competed on a Zest Dinghy and was placed 2nd in the competition. It was my first time to race and I felt incredibly proud.”

homeschooling while living abroad gives Dylan the flexibility to enjoy water sports
homeschooling while living abroad gives Dylan more time for scuba diving

Advice to others

“Try to have activities like going out after finishing a day of homeschooling. It allows you to have more free time with a flexible schedule. You’ll have more opportunities to try different things.”

“Homeschooling is not without any challenges. It is not a walk in the park but it is worth it,” says Michelle. “I have two children studying with Wolsey Hall, Dylan (Year 9) and Domino (Year 4). I facilitate the lessons for Domino and Dylan is very independent. My advice is to have a schedule and a work plan because that way you can better support the kids. Having a work plan and a three week lookahead schedule will make things easier to do other things outside of homeschooling. Homeschooling offers flexibility if you plan ahead.”

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