Student Progress Manager

After graduating with a BA Hons in Fine Art, Cris began his career in museums and art galleries, giving talks and conducting tours. He has worked with young people of all ages and backgrounds, working on community projects and local art exhibitions.

From there, Cris moved on to support university students on issues related to accommodation, international student support, student welfare, wellbeing and advice. He has also worked in compliance, equality and diversity and acted as a mentor to both students and staff. He developed a strong sense of what was needed to be successful in any kind of study, and the importance of personal wellbeing to achieve success. This led him to Wolsey Hall Oxford, where his skills and experience in supporting young learners is at the forefront of everything he does as a Student Progress Manager.

In his spare time, Cris loves creating art, cooking, gardening/DIY, and the outdoors, however, on the other hand also enjoys the world of technology, digital platforms, and online communities. To relax, he goes on long walks in the Yorkshire countryside with his partner and dog, but has been known to stay in and relax with a video game if the weather takes a turn.