Home Education Exam Results

It was another year of fantastic home education exam results for students at Wolsey Hall. Our IGCSE and A level results were better than the England/ UK average, proving that for some students homeschooling is the ideal way to learn.

We love hearing from our students about their successes and what they plan to do next.

Laeticia homeschooled for her IGCSEs in Malaysia and achieved excellent results – 3 A* (Extended Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and 2 A’s (Additional Maths and English Language). After her A levels, Laeticia hopes to study Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Laeticia is homeschooling in Malaysia
Lucy is a homeschooling missionary

Lucy started homeschooling with Wolsey Hall just in time to prepare for her IGCSEs. She achieved 4 A’s, 2 A* and two B’s. “I found some exams very hard but when the results came out, I was both shocked and delighted to find out that I had done well, even in Latin!” Lucy is now studying for A levels Maths and Business with Wolsey and has set her sights on University.

Siya from South Africa hopes to study Engineering at Cambridge University. He discovered he needed to follow the Cambridge curriculum so selected homeschooling with Wolsey Hall. He gained 3 A’s (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and two A* (Computer Science and English) in his IGCSEs.

Student Siya who is online learning in South Africa with Wolsey Hall
Teyha is homeschooling in South Africa

Teyha also chose to homeschool in South Africa and opted for Cambridge qualifications because of their recognition worldwide. “The most challenging part of my study was not the study itself but revising for the exams. I personally struggle with revision. However, I did manage to push through and did the best that I could to revise well. Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed sitting exams and was a bit disappointed when I had no more exams left to sit!” Teyha achieved 5 A’s (Maths, English Language, English Literature, Business Studies and Geography) and a B in Combined Science.

Sanjana from India achieved two A* and two A’s in her A levels. “The guidance and feedback provided by the highly educated and experienced Wolsey Hall tutors helped me achieve my A levels. Thanks to this, I am now in a position to achieve my life ambition of becoming an Economist.” Sanjana is currently studying Economics at Warwick University.

We had many students achieving amazing home education exam results around the world demonstrating that homeschooling makes it possible wherever you are!

Sanjana is homeschooling in India and striving for academic excellence

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