Grand prix final for Bekker and Hernandez

Ice skating junior grand prix final for Bekker and Hernandez

This year 2022–23 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final and ISU Junior Grand Prix Final were held in Turin, Italy at the Torino Palavela. The combined event is the culmination of two international series — the Grand Prix of Figure Skating and the Junior Grand Prix. Competing in the grand prix final were Wolsey Hall Oxford student, Phebe Bekker and her ice dancing partner James Hernandez.

We caught up with Phebe shortly after the pair returned home to the UK. She had the following to say about their experience:

“The Junior Grand Prix Final was truly an experience I’ll never forget. The first day when we walked in to the arena was so surreal that it took a few moments to process. To be competing amongst the top skaters in the world was such a privilege. It certainly took a while to get used to bumping into World Champions in the hotel elevator! We went into every practice with a fighting mentality, determined to leave an impression and we believe that’s what we did.”


“Going into the Rhythm Dance, we were so confident and we were pleasantly surprised to end up in 2nd place. The atmosphere was amazing, we really just tried to soak it all in. We delivered a routine that we were incredibly proud of but knew that the Free Dance the next day was a completely different ball game. We were relieved when we delivered a good Free Dance with no major mistakes. We came off the ice hopeful but when we received our scores, we were disappointed to see that we ended in 4th. Beside the emotional rollercoaster of the placement in a sport that is subjectively judged, we were so proud of our performances and that we thrived in such a high pressure event. It was also incredible to receive so much support from the crowd and from everyone at home watching. We are so grateful.

James and I are looking forward to the last stage in the season, working towards The Junior World Championships that take place in Calgary, Canada in the beginning of March. We are still striving for more and hope to make a mark on our last Junior season before we make our way into Senior.”

Gold for Bekker and Hernandez

17th Jan 2023

An interview with James Hernandez

30th Jan 2023