Homeschooling in Johannesburg

A top education for homeschoolers

Wolsey Hall Oxford is delighted to welcome a growing number of families homeschooling in Johannesburg.

We find our families homeschooling in South Africa are looking for a consistent, top quality education for their children. Our rigorous, academic courses, combined with self-directed study, help to develop problem-solving, time management and critical thinking skills and better prepare students for tertiary education. There is no rote learning.

Established in 1894, Wolsey Hall now has students in over a hundred countries worldwide. Our past students include President Nelson Mandela who studied for his law degree with Wolsey Hall Oxford while in jail on Robben Island.

Many of our student’s homeschooling in Johannesburg have aspirations to continue their studies at top Universities in South Africa and around the world. Our University Advice Service offers students support choosing subjects and helps in selecting and applying to the right University for them.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

Zenzele is homeschooling in South Africa

Homeschooling in South Africa

School versus homeschool

Homeschooling in South Africa

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Homeschoolng in South Africa

A day in the life of a homeschooler

we have lots of families homeschooling in Johannesburg with our structured courses


Students homeschooling in Johannesburg, study our courses at a pace suitable for them. As well as being able to choose where their learning takes place, homeschooled children can also decide when to learn.

The flexibility of our courses and the fact that there are no online classes to attend, means students have the opportunity to pursue other interests around their study timetable and develop into well-rounded individuals.


Wolsey Hall Oxford fees are very competitive with top Private and International schools in South Africa.

Our fees include:

  • Self-directed modules that students work through at a pace suitable for them.
  • Course books and additional resources.
  • Quizzes throughout the modules to check understanding.
  • Fast, detailed and helpful feedback on assignments from our Tutors.
  • Parental login to Canvas which allows parents to monitor their child’s progress.
  • Student Progress Manager who monitors progress and ensures your child stays on track.
We offer courses from Primary through to A level to students homeschooling in Johannesburg
I’ve found no better place to discover my potential as a learner than at Wolsey Hall Oxford. The time I have spent working towards completing my secondary education with them has been very encouraging and gratifying. I’ve received such a great amount of support. To add to this, I’ve been happy to discover that the subjects I once thought impossible are the ones I’ve grown to love and do well in. Amazing doesn’t even sum it up for me, it’s been a truly outstanding part of my journey.

Zenzele Memela – IGCSE Student

South Africa

My daughter really enjoyed Part 1 of the Skills for Life course on the Lower Secondary Level. Learning about her positive attributes, thinking about her future interests and how to deal and prepare for change in her life has made a positive impact on her well-being. My daughter loves working at her own pace and is totally independent. The positive feedback and explanations on how to improve in certain areas are excellent. Our Student Progress Manager always keeps me up to date with all of my daughter’s subjects and is always very supportive and helpful. We cannot wait to enroll her for Part 2 of this course. This is the first year of being a part of Wolsey Hall Oxford and we look forward to continuing the rest of her school years on this platform.

Gail Denby – Homeschooling parent

South Africa

We are from South Africa where Nic went to a Afrikaans nursery school, and moved to France where he started in a French school, but after a year we decided to begin English tuition at Wolsey Hall, completing Year 3 and term 1 and 2 of Year 4. We then relocated to the UK and he was assessed by the school we chose and was on par with the other children his age. He did extremely well in Year 4 with various distinctions. From year 5 the pupils are evaluated on a different level and Nic achieved academic colours at the end of Year 5! We are so proud of him and wish to thank Wolsey Hall for all that they have given us. Without Wolsey as a foundation to build Nic’s learning and academic curriculum from, this would not have been possible for Nic. We are truly blessed that we were able to affiliate with Wolsey to invest in our son’s future!

Susan Van Der Merwe – Primary Level Parent

South Africa

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