Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling: more than just studies…

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we believe in balance, which is why our homeschooling courses offer an array of supplementary activities to keep children engaged and connected.

With students in more than 123 countries around the world, we have a global network for children to be a part of. No matter where you live and study from, every student has the opportunity to join our college community and partake in an array of activities, develop new skills and connect with fellow Wolsey Hall peers.

Our virtual library encourages keen readers

Our virtual libraries – two separate offerings for Primary and Secondary students – give children access to a wide array of new and classic reads. These e-books can be ‘taken out’ of the virtual library and accessed anywhere and at any time on various devices. As the adage goes, ‘A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.’

Our community websites are where the fun happens

Wolsey Hall has two password-protected, student-only websites for Primary and Secondary learners. Providing a space for students to engage and connect, these platforms offer a variety of activities to participate in and clubs to become a part of. These include Chess Club, Photography Club, LEGO Club, show-and-tell sessions and many more.

Our regular competitions challenge our students

To keep our students engaged and encourage them to hone their skills in certain activities and as a part of our community clubs, we run regular competitions. Competitions are a great way for learners to connect, be challenged and to see what others create. Plus, a prize and some recognition is always welcome when it comes to children!

Our monthly newsletter keeps parents and learners in the loop

With a monthly newsletter and regular email updates, our head of Primary compiles a round-up of news and information for each school level. Our newsletter includes updates about what the children have been learning, welcomes new learners from around the world, provides challenges and activities to keep students busy and features stories on interesting topics.

Our homeschooling merchandise

Homeschooling may not require any formal uniform, but having some branded attire from Wolsey Hall does make students feel a part of our community, no matter where they are in the world. A great addition for when they first join Wolsey Hall, or as a way to commemorate each new school year, our merchandise includes great quality T-shirts, hoodies and caps that can be sent to wherever you are studying from. Pictured here is Joey (9) from New Zealand.

Watch a video about our Secondary Community

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