Home study in Zambia

Alumni student Tyla decided to home study in Zambia for her A levels with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

She achieved some great results that enabled her to progress to university abroad:

A* Mathematics

B Economics

B Sociology

“I chose home studying as my family and I believed that it would be a great, affordable and exciting way to learn and grow,” says Tyla. “Home studying allowed my family and I the opportunity to be more flexible with our routines and to be more spontaneous in our everyday lives, allowing us to have a good balance of both study and play. Furthermore, home studying gave me the chance to learn in the ways that best fit me as an individual, and at my own pace.”

Wolsey Hall supports homeschoolers in Zambia and around the world.

Meet Wolsey Hall Oxford Alumni, Tyla

Who is suited to homeschooling/home study?

“I would say that home studying suits families that are looking for a more flexible routine that allows their children to obtain an education while also enjoying the many other activities life has to offer,” continues Tyla. “I believe that home schooling is becoming more popular in my home country as families are discovering all the ways in which it is able to open up a new world to learning and living.”

“Initially it was a big change starting online schooling and trying to discover what routine and study methods worked best for me, however Wolsey Hall was very helpful in providing me with the best tips and tricks to overcome these initial difficulties and I very quickly became accustomed with the way that everything worked.”

Preparing for future learning

Tyla is currently studying Economics and Business Economics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. “I owe my ability to self-study and manage my time to homeschooling. I would say that learning from home prepares you for university style learning as you are taught to take responsibility of your own performance and future which helps to build trust in yourself as well as independence and discipline.”

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