GCSEs at home

You can easily study for your GCSEs at home rather than at a traditional school. Students choose to take their GCSEs at home for any number of reasons, but they all love the flexibility it brings.

Wolsey Hall Oxford offers a wide range of IGCSE courses which are recognised by universities worldwide. You may be wondering what the difference is between a GCSE and IGCSE? Well, not a lot, but our video answers that very question!

Why study at home?

Deciding to study for GCSEs at home is a popular choice for families who may travel around a lot, or those who are living abroad but want to follow the British curriculum. Other students choose to study at home as it relieves some of the pressures that mainstream schooling can involve, like interruptions from others in the classroom, peer pressure and bullying.

studying gcses at home gives more flexibility
studying gcses at home is really feasible

Flexibility at home

Our structured but flexible IGCSE courses mean you can study when it suits you. There are no live lessons to attend. No set times or days means the pace of learning is determined by the student. You may progress quickly through one particular course but need to take longer on another subject and this is completely fine.

We also have some students who are taking their IGCSEs earlier. If you are advanced in one or more subjects then there is the option to sit these exams earlier than if you stayed in mainstream school. UK student Oliver is doing this and discusses the benefits of it in his video.

We also don’t stipulate how many courses you need to study with us. Some students supplement their education if, for example, their current school doesn’t offer a particular subject that you will need for future degree or career options.

As you can see there are many benefits to studying IGCSEs at home. We have plenty of useful videos about this on our YouTube channel.

studying gcses at home helps many students

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