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Wolsey Hall Oxford is delighted to welcome a growing number of families homeschooling in Mumbai.

Founded in 1894, Wolsey Hall is one of the world’s most established homeschooling course providers. Our courses are constantly being revised, developed and improved and as such, you can be assured of a top quality education for your child. Over the years, we have welcomed many students to our courses including President Nelson Mandela, who studied for his Law degree with us while in Robben Island jail, and President SR Nathan of Singapore.

Our courses are designed to develop independent learners. From our youngest students at Primary Level right through to our Cambridge IGCSE and A level students, our courses are created to stretch and engage students. Students will learn to question and evaluate what they are being taught and there is no rote learning.

Many of our students homeschooling in Mumbai have aspirations to go on to university. Our IGCSE and A level courses are well recognised and respected by top Universities around the world. We offer a University Advice Service where students can gain help in selecting and applying to the Universities that are right for them.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

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Top quality Tutors

Our large team of experienced Tutors are rigorously selected and all hold UK recognised teaching qualifications. Students work through modules independently on our online learning platform, CanvasThere are regular assignments through the courses that students complete and submit to their Tutors. Our Tutors provide detailed and encouraging feedback on these assignments which enable students to see where they are done well and areas to improve. Students can contact their Tutors via email throughout their course if they need any additional assistance.


Our courses are very flexible as there are no online lessons to attend. This enables students to work through the courses at a pace that suits them. It also gives our students the opportunity to schedule their studies around other extra-curricular activities they may wish to pursue. Many parents appreciate this flexible approach as it allows their child time to develop other interests and experiences and become well-rounded individuals.

This flexiblity also enables students to study at a level suitable for them, for example if they are particularly advanced in a subject they can be accelerated to the most appropriate course level.

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Tarun has been doing Year 7 and 8 English, Maths and Science with Wolsey Hall. He is enjoying his courses and loves the flexibility the whole homeschooling program brings. He is able to plan his learning at his own pace, and plan his day well to accommodate his other interests of playing the Violin and Piano, reading and playing games. The online material in terms of textbooks, videos, the course plan and support from his tutors is helping him get past his studies with ease. During the peak Covid times when amazon deliveries were stopped the online virtual library of Wolsey was a boon to him as he loves to read.
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Deepali Patel, Secondary Parent


I’m really happy for them and so glad we found Wolsey Hall… This is the best school we have found… especially online. The books are amazing, simple and very informative for kids to understand easily… the course is flexible…thanks to everyone! Especially in this pandemic situation… seeing the kids study without any hassle and also doing so well is amazing and peaceful.
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Mrs Arv – Homeschooling Parent


We have had a beautiful journey with Wolsey this year and it’s amazing how Chirayu has turned out to be an independent child taking ownership of his studies. I would like to thank each one of his tutors and you for the immense support, incredible guidance and continuous patience. Thank you Wolsey and thank you Sarah and the whole team of tutors that assisted and guided Chirayu!
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Yathindra – Homeschooling Parent


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