Stacy Waring


My appreciation for History evolved in 1993 when I moved to Warsaw, Poland. My family were stationed in a French Safe House which boarded French poets and artists during the Nazi occupation. My 84-year-old widowed neighbour, Marta, would often recall her experiences under Hitler’s Reich. She described the ‘safe-house’ as her only saviour when her Jewish parents were taken prisoner. During my own education and upbringing, in Warsaw particularly, History was continually brought to life by the environment. This has kept me firmly on a continuous path of historical and artistic discovery that I wish to share by teaching and encouraging those who had not yet found their ‘angle’ into the subject.

I continued to study History throughout University and completed my History PGCE at Queen’s University, Oxford in 2007. I am fully qualified as a Secondary School History and History of Art teacher, and I have taught for over 12 years, including time in two leading Catholic schools in Surrey. I have also been privileged to work alongside leading historians such as Card and Rees during their research.

I currently live in Oxford with my family, and I share my passion for History through tutoring. I aim to provide students with a fundamental appreciation for History through a variety of teaching techniques. I ensure that the wide range of learning styles that our students today possess can be successfully met in order to develop a passion and desire to learn. I have successfully guided many students towards achieving high grades at Secondary Level, IGCSE and A level.

In my spare time I enjoy visiting the many areas of cultural interest within our area. Oxford is historically and artistically rich. We are an active family and partake in hockey and swimming. We also love exploring the Cotswolds with our dog.

Subjects: History