Ross Logan

MA (Oxon)

My father was in the British Army and so I grew up moving from place to place and country to country within Europe every three years. The good side to this was discovering new places and how things operate in different markets and countries and I was lucky enough to continue to travel even more widely in my first career.

Growing up as I did made me interested in studying Modern Languages, Politics and Economics at A level and then at university. I followed this with 20 years working first in the City of London, then Zurich and finally in Hong Kong.

Ten years ago we moved back to UK to enable me to return to academic life in Oxford. My previous career gave me great insight into how markets for individual firms operated and how different economies functioned. This meant that I was able to see at first-hand how the theories you learnt in Economics actually panned out in the real world.

I really enjoy teaching as I can use what I have seen and done to help bring the subjects to life for students and turn theory into something more readily understood. This can turn a sometimes dry subject into a lot more fun and usually helps students achieve their potential in their studies.

In my spare time I have always played golf and, as a family, we have always enjoyed skiing, helped by living in Switzerland when our daughters were learning. Very fortunately we have friends who live there and who we can visit whenever we get the chance. I have recently given up running after five marathons and now get my exercise from long distance road biking.

Most of my teaching has either been in very small groups or, mostly, one to one. This is where the strengths of Wolsey Hall Oxford lie. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in Economics.

Subjects: Economics