Richard Mace


I have taught English and History for 25 years and feel that I am privileged to have been able to support a range of children teaching two subjects that I adore. Having completed my degree, I taught for two years overseas in South Africa and Poland. Since then, I have taught at independent and maintained schools as Head of English and Humanities. I have a PGCE, MA (Ed) and NPQSL. My main expertise lies in GCSE and A level English and History, but I have also prepared children for 11+ and Common Entrance and scholarships.

These two subjects are endless, and I am very fortunate that I can choose different books or different historical eras to teach, so I am never bored! My two sons are homeschooled, and I support their learning too, so I understand the demands of homeschooling and the wonderful opportunities it represents. I always feel that children both need to be inspired by the art of writing and understand that there is method and structure behind what they are doing. Steering children and giving them stabilisers is crucial, but children should never be straight-jacketed and should always be allowed to experiment and explore in their writing. Presenting ideas and asking or answering questions independently allows young people to discover and grow their own opinions and gain confidence.

I have many hobbies, but most enjoy spending time with my family. I run when I can, and my attempt at writing a novel is a great distraction!