Mark Harding


I have been teaching in Secondary Schools for the past six years, and my current role is as a Physics teacher in a small independent school. Before qualifying as a teacher, I worked for ten years in marine conservation. I ran and organised conservation-focused expeditions to several countries and was fortunate to have spent many hours in our oceans encountering some of the world’s most incredible marine life. 

When I moved back to the UK to settle with my family, I began working in a local school in learning support and eventually led year groups as a pastoral lead. I worked in this incredibly varied field for four years and then went on to complete my teacher training. I quickly developed a passion for not only the teaching of science but also the ever-changing landscape of the Science of Learning. I studied for my master’s degree in 2019 and completed my thesis, primarily a study in creating conditions around improved retention of information. I find research into cognitive function fascinating and continue to read up on developments in emerging research. I am considering undertaking a PhD… but not yet. 

My passion for teaching Physics was quite accidental as, contrary to my background in marine biology, I found the world of Physics surprisingly ordered and logical. I took to teaching the subject like a duck to water, and now I prefer to teach Physics out of the three sciences I am trained to teach (although I also enjoy teaching Chemistry).

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my two children. I partake in individual sports, including triathlon (sprint), long-distance swimming, cycling and surfing (badly) and paddle boarding (not so badly). If I’m after a more relaxing time, I like walking, mountain biking and photography.  

Subjects: Chemistry, Physics