Juliet Ingram


I love both History and Politics because I am fascinated by people. If you are interested in how and why societies change, you will find both subjects endlessly absorbing. If you want to be able to make sense of our world, you will be well equipped to do so with the knowledge, theories and evaluative skills that history and politics teach you. One of the best decisions I made was to study History for seven years of my life.

My undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick opened my eyes to so many ways of interpreting the past and gave me the chance to immerse myself in Renaissance History by studying in Venice for three months. I stayed at Warwick to complete a PhD in Early Modern English History, which taught me a vast amount about primary source discovery and analysis. If you have a passion for history, there is nothing quite like archival research – ‘unwrapping’ a little-known document that is hundreds of years old and exploring its secrets is something very special.

Another excellent decision I made was to train as a teacher, which I did after working for a decade in higher education policy and planning. Most recently, I was Head of History and Politics at an independent girls’ school, before taking some time out of classroom teaching to look after my young son.

When teaching, I loved finding new ways of making history and politics exciting and meaningful to students of all ages, whilst helping them to understand the very different contexts and value systems of past and present societies. I particularly enjoyed working with my students on a one-to-one basis. I have helped pupils in many different areas: the minefield of coursework; structuring strong arguments in their essays; political and historical source analysis; or making sense of some tricky content. I have supported students with no experience of the English education system and those for whom English was not their first language. I have also examined for the OCR History A level.

In my spare time, I enjoy family picnics, playing the viola, and watching historical dramas on television.

Subjects: History, Politics