Diane Birt


My interest and love of the Classics began at a young age when I was taken to visit Fishbourne Palace in Chichester. The mosaics, skeletons, and ruins inspired my imagination and made me want to learn more about the Romans and how they ended up in Britain. Aged 7 years old, I was given Tony Robinson’s version of ‘The Odyssey’ as a birthday present, and the tales of vengeful gods, fearless heroes and devious monsters introduced me to the Greeks and their mythology as well.

It was not until Secondary School that I got the opportunity to study the Latin language, and a whole new element to this wonderful culture and history was opened up to me. I continued to study Latin, Classical Studies and Ancient History throughout school and moved onto studying them at University. Training as a Classics teacher was simply a natural progression.

As an undergraduate, I read Ancient History at St Andrew’s and then went onto complete my PGCE in Classics at Cambridge. Since then, I have taught in schools in both England and Scotland, teaching Latin, Classical Studies, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, Greek, and Religious Studies, from Common Entrance up to A level. I also have over ten years of examining experience in GCSE and A level.

I love teaching, and I love teaching Classics. I feel very privileged working with young people and supporting them in their journeys through the wonderful, twisting corridors of a past that has had such a significant impact upon shaping our present.

As I tell all my students, Latin and the Classics are like glitter – they shine and sparkle; they get everywhere, and they are there forever!