Anne Fitzsimons

PGCE, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, MA, BSc

I am a French Maths teacher, who has been living in many different cultures.

I have not always been a teacher, but having had three children, I realised how much I enjoyed teaching them to read, write, and then spend many years helping in their Primary schools. It was fascinating to see the journey of learning numbers and Maths from a very young age. I then decided to become a Secondary Maths teacher and I have loved it ever since.

My travelling has enabled me to teach in the UAE, Cairo, Egypt, and the UK. I have also spent time living in Malaysia. I have loved getting to know many cultures and how these cultures have influenced the learning process. It has been a privilege to teach Algebra to students who live where it all started. Did you know that the word ‘algebra’ comes from the Arabic ‘Al-jabr’, the reunion of many parts? Throughout the years, I have taught from year seven up to A level and the International Baccalaureate.

My favourite part is always to see a student coming to understand a topic and then being able to apply it. I am currently teaching in a local boarding school and have been teaching remotely for a while, which has been a very enjoyable experience. Learning does not have to happen in the specific setting of a classroom, and with help along the way it can be an exciting journey.

My children are now grown up. We have a couple of ‘Egyptian Mau’ cats who we adopted from Cairo, as well as an energetic cocker spaniel. So walking, gardening and cooking are now what I do in my spare time in the UK. I marvel at the weather variety here and embrace it after 14 years in hot countries.

Subjects: Maths