Aizaz Niazi


I aspire to teach Computing to children because of my passion for the subject, it’s creative nature and the potential for new developments for future generations. I am mostly guided by my own experience with over two decades of professional work history.

As the focus of British education has been shifting towards STEM-based subjects, I have been researching an aspect of Computing that is fast becoming prevalent in our everyday lives, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has uses in various industries from gaming, journalism/ media to finance and state-of-the-art research fields such as robotics, medical diagnosis, and Quantum science. This research has allowed me to better understand core languages like R and Python, which are instrumental for school children to build their knowledge of basic programming, hence greatly benefitting my students.

In my penultimate position as a Computing Lead, I created a Coding Club explicitly aimed at bridging students’ skill gaps in AS/ A levels and GCSE for their projects in Visual Basic and Python in accordance with the national curriculum. I intend to continue bridging this skill gap by drawing on my determination and experience responsibly and earnestly, making Computer Science an enjoyable and interesting subject for my students.

Computer Science is central to my work and also happens to be my hobby – I am a full member of the British Computer Society and contribute and attend the AI focus chapter in my free time. I am also a keen follower of the Quantum Computing Space and keep up with current developments, specifically IBM’s QISKIT, among other Python-based Quantum programming tools.

Subjects: Computer Science