Homeschooling Swimmer

Dylan’s Story

Dylan Arzoni, a homeschooling swimmer, is an inspirational example of how Wolsey Hall students can utilise the flexibility of homeschooling to successfully pursue their passions.

Dylan studied for his IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall while managing a hectic swimming training schedule.

He and his family moved from the UK to the USA in order to allow Dylan to train with the North Baltimore Aquatics Club’s High Performance squad. The squad has produced a number of Olympic swimmers including Michael Phelps.

Elite rugby player

We support a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide range of sports.

homeschooling swimmer


Dylan began swimming competitively aged nine, winning most of his events and making a name for himself at county and regional level in Lancashire, UK.

At ten years old he changed swimming clubs from Oldham Seals to Stockport Metro – one of the most successful British swimming programs. By 11, Dylan qualified for the British Age Group Nationals and went on to win his first British Age Group Nationals gold medal. Over the next two years he continued to qualify for the British Age Group Nationals and won a further eight medals.

A Big Move and a Big Dream

In January 2013, aged 12, Dylan was invited to Baltimore, USA by Bob Bowman, USA Olympic coach and Michael Phelps’ long-term coach. Dylan and his father spent a week in Baltimore looking at the swimming program at NBAC (North Baltimore Aquatics Club).

During the week of training Bob Bowman offered Dylan a long-term place in NBAC’s High Performance squad. This was such a huge opportunity that Dylan and his family decided to accept the invitation and moved to Baltimore in September 2013.

Olympic swimming pool

Moving Forwards

Dylan started training at NBAC, loving his time in America. He trained six days a week, typically studying in the morning then swimming in the afternoon. Homeschooling enabled Dylan to focus more time on the subjects he chose and learn at the pace to suit him. Vitally, the flexibility allowed him to fit his studies around his training commitments and to succeed in his sport.

Dylan continues to swim competitively and is now studying International Affairs at George Washington University. He hopes to become a broadcast journalist in the future.

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