Shipra Purkayastha

Admissions Officer, India

After completing her MBA in Finance and Marketing, Shipra spent most of her decade-long career in the Education Industry, across product development, consulting and HR.

Shipra spent the beginning of her career in Boston. She moved to Kolkata in 2011, and started working in the nascent but fast-growing startup ecosystem there – mostly with Edutech Startups. She also launched KClub, a learning-by-doing concept that used multimedia techniques that made learning fun for pre-teens. KClub was a big success on it’s launch.

She balances her time between leading her retail electronics startup HyperXchange with her husband, homeschooling her 11 and 14 year old sons, and playing with Felix, their Golden Retriever. She speaks six languages (English, Hindi, Marwari, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and understands Korean) and is always trying to pick up some more new words from a foreign language. She is trained in Hindustani Classical Music.