Secondary Homeschooling Application Form

Step 1. Your Child’s Details:
Step 2. The subjects your child wishes to study. Please select the correct course level first (ages 11-13, IGCSE or A level), then select the subject & VERY IMPORTANTLY, the subject level (using the pop-up drop-down box) for EVERY subject you pick (for IGCSE select ‘Full IGCSE’). For IGCSE and A level, please remember to put in the proposed exam date at the bottom of this page:
Step 3. Role of the Parent:

Your child will receive strong academic support from their Tutor(s) and full administrative support from their Student Progress Manager (SPM). However, as a parent or in loco parentis, the support you provide to your child while studying at home is also critical. The depth and strength of that support will vary depending on the age of your child and her/his ability as a learner. You are therefore asked to undertake at least the following:

  • Discussing with your child the enrolment information received from their SPM (all levels).
  • Being present throughout the initial Skype calls with your child’s Tutors (Lower Secondary).
  • Agreeing with your child a daily and weekly timetable to which they can work and which will enable them to meet the assignment schedule prepared by their SPM and seeing that they meet it (Lower Secondary, IGCSE).
  • Spending appropriate time discussing progress with your child every day or week. “Appropriate” will naturally vary with your child’s progress, maturity and learning ability (all levels).
  • Going through Tutor’s assignment feedback with your child (Lower Secondary, IGCSE).
  • Seeking help from your child’s Tutors or SPM when needed (Lower Secondary IGCSE).
Step 4. Further Details
Payment Information

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