Rona Francis

Student Progress Manager

Rona has enjoyed various positions throughout her career including working in her local Primary School. At the time of her daughter going to University, Rona’s interest in her own education was rekindled and she realised that even as a mature student, her long held dream of furthering her education, was a possibility.

After signing up for an access course she secured a place at Edge Hill University as a full-time undergraduate. Rona achieved her dream by successfully graduating with a first-class BSc in Child Health and Wellbeing.

Rona is a great believer in the concept of life-long learning, this led her to further complete a MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She now uses this knowledge to support Wolsey Hall students. She fully appreciates the role that robust mental health plays in a student’s ability to be successful in their studies, whilst also realising the benefits that academic achievement can have in building strong, self-assured young people.