Fitter Future – a student story

Riley’s story

Seven year old Riley lives on a game reserve in South Africa and homeschools with Wolsey Hall. Since the introduction of our Fitter Future course, Riley has been enjoying the workouts at home. Designed by children for children, the workouts are short, fun and varied.

Primary Student doing the Fitter Future Programme

Fitter Future fits the homeschooling schedule

“I’m studying MathsEnglishScienceGeographyHistory and Computing,” explains Riley. “Exercising helps me focus better on my schooling and keeps me entertained so I don’t watch too much TV or playing on the ipad. I love the different levels of Fitter Future workouts and there’s children on there doing it with you.”

“The Fitter Future exercises work really well into Riley’s daily schedule,” says Claire, Riley’s mum. “She does a cardio workout before school to help her focus then she starts her studies at 8.30am. After lunch she does core strengthening then some yoga and meditation. Then it’s free time to play or watch TV. We don’t allow her to use technology after 5pm so that she begins to settle down before bed.”

Why exercise is important

“As a yoga and personal trainer myself, I was very concerned about homeschooling and the lack of exercise. I was finding it difficult to educate Riley, encourage her to exercise and do my own physical training. Fitter Future has really helped and it’s good to know Riley is staying fit and developing a love of exercise. I’ve really noticed a difference in her and would highly recommend it to other Wolsey Hall students.”

Exercise improves posture, core strength, balance and coordination as well improving mental health and confidence. It’s a good way to break up your studies during the day especially for younger students whose concentration periods are shorter.

Primary Student doing the Fitter Future Programme

How to enrol on Fitter Future

The Fitter Future programme is available free to all Wolsey Hall Oxford students studying at Primary level.
Instructions for enrolling on the Fitter Future course are available in student’s Canvas login.

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