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Wolsey Hall Oxford offers unparalleled support to ensure your child achieves the best educational outcomes, positioning us as a compelling alternative to traditional private schools, especially in light of the proposed financial increases.

Our flexible homeschooling programmes are tailored to the needs of each individual child, guided by experienced tutors, dedicated progress managers, and a state-of-the-art online platform.

This approach guarantees a high-quality education without the increased costs of private schooling. Choose Wolsey Hall for an exceptional education that masterfully balances quality and affordability.

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Your role in homeschooling

Your involvement in your child’s homeschooling will depend on their level of study.

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We pride ourselves on the academic excellence of our homeschooling courses.

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  • How are Wolsey Hall Oxford fees different to private school fees?

    Private schools typically charge parents on a termly basis with the average termly cost being approximately £5,000/term. Wolsey Hall charges per course and you can pay in full or in instalments. Click on the Fees menu option at the top of this page and head to our Course Fee Calculator page to estimate how much schooling with Wolsey Hall might cost for your family.
  • Can we/our child select what courses they wish to study?

    Yes, you are able to decide the courses your child wishes to study. You can view the courses on offer for Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A Level on our website.
  • What extra-curricular activities are available?

    We encourage our students from across the world to connect with each other through out Community websites. We also facilitate clubs such as art, chess, creative writing and cookery and regularly run competitions for students to flex their creative skills.
  • What involvement do I have as a parent in their studies?

    Your involvement as a parent will be determined by the level of study that your child is at. For Primary studies, parents will play a more hands-on facilitating role, however once your child reaches Secondary level, the learning is very much directed at the student and we support them through self-directed learning.
  • Are there any online lessons?

    Our key aim is to provide a flexible, enjoyable, varied and multi-media method of studying that helps to develop independent learners. Our courses do not include any timetabled online lessons as students work through course materials at their own pace. However, all of our courses include enrichment and enhancement video content to complement, extend or test knowledge. Many courses also include subscriptions to a wide variety of educational and interactive materials. Many Wolsey Hall courses include quizzes to test knowledge and every module has an assignment that is marked by our fully qualified UK trained and experienced Tutors who provide detailed and encouraging feedback.
  • What is the deadline for applying?

    There is no deadline for applying for Primary or Lower Secondary and you can start them at any time during the year. Students can also apply to start IGCSE and A Level courses when they would like to, as long as there is enough time to study and complete the courses before their intended examination date.

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