Homeschooling for children with anxiety

If you’re considering homeschooling because your child has anxiety, then you’ve come to the right place.

Is your child struggling with anxiety or school attendance issues? Are regular absences affecting their education? Are you feeling increased pressure, to make sure your child attends school, from their school or well-meaning family and friends? Unfortunately, school refusal, depression or anxiety is a growing concern affecting children of all ages.

Homeschooling and Anxiety Open Event

Our next Open Event specifically focused on anxiety will take place on Wednesday 12th June at 10am (UK time).

Our Learning Support Manager will cover how homeschooling can benefit anxious children and the variety of support services available at Wolsey Hall Oxford. Our Heads of Primary and Secondary will discuss how our courses work, where the child is at the centre of the learning.

school phobia

Wolsey Hall Oxford mum, Fiona, shares her experience of her daughter’s anxiety and how they turned to homeschooling

Charlie chose homeschooling to overcome school anxiety

Charlie’s story

Claire chose homeschooling to help support her son, Charlie, who was struggling with low self-esteem and school anxiety.

Sadly, Charlie is not alone and we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of children being homeschooled due to anxiety. The good news is that, with a period of readjustment, children often thrive in the home environment where many pressures are removed.

Learning Support

The Wolsey Hall Oxford Learning Support team have a wealth of knowledge and are there to support and guide both students and parents. They aim to use this knowledge to support families in their homeschool journey and enable them to lead on their child’s education at home.

The team encourage all students to access learning support if they need assistance with their studies. Furthermore, the Learning Support team aim to support families with additional advice, guidance and signposting.

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