Town guide

How to make a town guide

This project is suitable for all ages and encompasses so many topics – Geography, HistoryEnglish, computer skills, photography, not to mention creativity.

Before you begin, decide who your town guide will be aimed at – visiting families to the area? Older people? Residents looking for a What’s On guide?

Secondary homeschooling courses

Many of our Lower Secondary courses would link to this activity.

How to make a town guide

Some ideas to include in your guide

  • A top 5-10 facts about your town/city/village – this could include a brief history, what its main industry is, if any famous people grew up there etc.
  • Draw a map. Depending on how big your town is this might just focus on a specific area of interest. Older students might well attempt several maps of different areas that fold out of the book.
  • Include photographs. You could research some online but it would be more fun to take and print your own.

Other things to consider

  • How about writing reviews for particular places you’ve visited? Museums, theatres, restaurants, playgrounds, beaches. Another great opportunity for some photos!
  • Why not encourage some nature spotting? If you live in or near countryside, you could list local flowers, plants and animals that appear in your area.
  • If your guide is for children, you could add in some quizzes, colouring sheets or create a trail for them around your town to look for certain landmarks.
  • And finally, don’t forget to create an eye-catching cover.
How to make a town guide