Homemade board game

Homemade board game ideas

Most families have a favourite board game but why not create your own homemade board game? It will require a number of skills including Maths, logic and creativity so a perfect homeschooling project for a rainy day!

Keeping it simple is best. Try adapting a game you enjoy like Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly. Consider different themes you could use. Perhaps your monopoly is based around where you live? Or snakes and ladders can become space or dinosaur themed?

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This activity can be adapted depending on the age of the child and can be suitable for our Primary age students.

Homemade Board Games

What to think about

If you really want to bring the game on, then design your own from scratch! You’ll need to consider:

  • How many players can join in?
  • What age group are you aiming at?
  • Do you need a dice, cards or spinner to progress?
  • What challenges do players face during the game?
  • How does someone win?

A few tips to get you started

Before you begin, play lots of different board games to give you an idea of how the stages of play are put together. It’ll also help kickstart ideas you might want to incorporate into your own homemade board game.

Use counters you have from other games or recruit your mini play figures like Lego or Playmobil.

If you’d prefer not to draw, print off photos and designs from your computer which can be stuck onto your playing board or cards.

Get saving those cardboard boxes. Recycle them into your playing board and maybe cutout shapes to be used in your game.

Homemade Board Games

Before you play

No doubt it’ll take a few revisions until your game is working correctly so do some simple draft versions first. Recruit friends and family for test runs.

Remember to write out your game rules for the players so there’s no arguments!

And finally, The Game Crafter has some extra tips and can even manufacture your homemade board game for you!