Engineering experiments

Engineering experiments to try at home

It can be tricky finding projects that illustrate engineering in action. The James Dyson Foundation has some fantastic engineering challenges specifically for children to try at home. Get stretching those inquisitive young minds. Their maths, logic and problem-solving skills will be put to the test as they figure out how things actually work.

You can download the challenge cards at the James Dyson Foundation website.

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Engineering experiments for children

James Dyson Foundation experiments on YouTube

Balloon Car Race
Made from just a balloon, a plastic cup, straws, thread and rubber bands – see how these balloon-powered cars go!

Spaghetti Bridges
Can you build a bridge out of spaghetti that is strong enough to hold a bag of sugar?

Marble Run
Can you make a marble run just out of things you find around the house?

Cardboard Chair
Can you make a chair you can sit on just out of cardboard?

Make a Periscope
Use a shoebox to see if you can make a periscope that can see round corners.

Cardboard Boat
Design a simple boat from household materials that floats in water even with weights on board.

Engineering experiments for children