IGCSE Marine Science

The benefits of studying Cambridge IGCSE Marine Science

The Cambridge IGCSE Marine Science course stimulates learners’ interest in science of the marine world and enhances their understanding of its relevance to society.

Our Cambridge IGCSE Marine Science home schooling course will help your child to:

  • Acquire scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific theories and practice
  • Develop a range of practical skills, including working safely with consideration for the environment
  • Use scientific data and evidence to solve problems and discuss the limitations of scientific methods
  • Communicate effectively and clearly, using appropriate terminology and scientific conventions
  • Develop an understanding of responsibility to society and a concern for the environment.

Please note: Practical work is an essential part of the course and it underpins many of the topic areas. The syllabus lists required practicals that the student must carry out or see demonstrated.

Our Wolsey Hall course contains videos for some of the required practicals that we judge difficult for a homeschooling student to carry out. However, students must be able to visit a shoreline, preferably of an ocean or lake, once during the completion of the course for some activities. Students will need a guardian present.

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This course will be available in August 2024.


Key topics covered in the course

  • The Earth and its oceans
  • Sea water
  • Marine organisms
  • Nutrients and energy
  • Marine ecology
  • Human influences on the marine environment

Prior requirements and hours of study

  • Prior learning: CAIE recommends that learners starting this course should have studied a general curriculum such as the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme or equivalent national educational framework such as the Key Stage 3 programme of study within the National Curriculum for England.
  • Your child should allow for up to 130 hours’ study time to complete their IGCSE Marine Science course plus additional time for completing assignments. This is an approximate figure which depends on their learning abilities and the pace at which they work.

The syllabus and exam

This course will prepare your child for the Cambridge IGCSE Marine Science syllabus 0697.

Paper 1

Theory and Data Handling. 1 hr 45 mins (50% of total mark)

Paper 2

Theory and Practical Skills. 1 hr 45 mins (50% of total mark)

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Course sample


2023-2025 Exams

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Gemma Langley, Science Tutor talks about her role

I have nothing but praise for Wolsey Hall, such a great organisation, very professional but at the same time supportive and friendly. The Student Progress Manager was not only a great support for my son but was always there for me too when I needed advice. Deniz has been studying IGCSE Biology, English Lang, History & Maths.
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